Riding on a Tight Rope


Holy heeba jeeba — picked up my new Trek Lexa at The Bike Line in Carmel.

It was already set to my exact height and all measurements were perfect. Lucky guess by the guys who put it together.

In my previous post I mentioned the small detail about never having ridden a road bike before. I have also never ridden a bike that is perfectly measured to my size, so not being able to touch the ground flat footed while in the saddle is actually kind of terrifying.

I grew up riding a blue Diamondback mountain bike. The tires were fairly thick. The wheels on this Trek are like the thickness of my thumb. Crazy.

I got home and took her out for a spin — and by spin, I mean that I had to spin the pedals several times before I could get my foot in it. Then I had to wheel forward a bit to get enough momentum to get on the saddle. That’s when the real challenge began.

I don’t know if it was the rain that intimidated me, or the fact that I don’t fully trust my bike yet. I’m going to go with the latter. It’s like riding on a tight rope. At one point, I was trying to ride through the middle of a speed bump and lost all confidence, skidding to a stop on 1 foot and feeling grateful to not have fallen on my ass.

I need to trust my bike. I need to gain more confidence. I need to just ride. And now the saying, “Its just like riding a bike” has a completely different meaning to me.

Confidence is key. I can do it.

About KelseyUSA

In 2016 I will attempt several things that I have never done before. Things that I never even thought that I would want to do, or dreamed I physically or mentally could do.

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  1. Be safe and take your time! Congratulations on the new ride; I’ll be excited to see it in person sometime.

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