Happy New Year!

So much to say, do, and so little time. The first day of 2016 is already almost over and I’ve barely done anything. But that’s OK!


  1. Complete a Triathlon
  2. Run the Mini Marathon
  3. Complete a Spartan Race
  4. Read 100+ books
  5. Buy a house

Seems pretty crazy — and it is. I think it might just be my most rewarding year ever. I already have my cute little family: Katherine, Porsche, and Penny. Now I need to spend a lot of time focusing on me, with the support of my family & friends, and beast mode my way through an awesome year.

I joined the 2016 Endurance House Triathlon Team. I just bought my new Trek Lexa road bike that I am wicked excited about. I’m going to confess … I’ve never ridden a road bike. But who cares — you have to start somewhere. And I’m starting right here, right now, sitting in this brown leather lounge chair at Barnes & Noble.

I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my training plan from my new trainer, Justin. So when I receive it, I will share with you what I can and if you’d like to join me on my journey (you don’t have to swim, or bike, or run. You can just reach out and say hello, or give me a thumbs up as I ride by) I would love to hear from you, or swim/bike/run with you.

Happy New Year to all and I hope that you find something to be passionate about this year, whatever that may be.

About KelseyUSA

In 2016 I will attempt several things that I have never done before. Things that I never even thought that I would want to do, or dreamed I physically or mentally could do.

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  1. Some runs together will be nice, also some rides when it gets warmer. 🙂

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